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Suaad Sait a.k.a. Joe The Marketer from ReachForce

Thanks for the plug Todd and also the pointer to the other post.

As that post went out, I wondered how our President-elect would use his significant asset of online community as a president on an ongoing basis. This is how I think he can keep in touch and connect with the REAL issues as he takes on the most challenging assignment in the history of time.

The nugget that I learned from our President-elect (once again) is that it's about information consumption : Ponder this as we move forward in time, the next generation of graduating college students have a COMPLETELY differently view on consuming information than we did when we graduated (yes I am old). My personal opinion is that even though we (as marketers) spend a lot of time talking about marketing channels/vehicles it's really a consumption driven model - that is how does the target consume information and react to it (it has always been this way) BUT the modes and channels are WIDE and disparate.



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