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Matt Asay

Great post. I also voted for Obama, the first Democratic presidential candidate to ever earn my vote. Actually, I can't say that he earned it as I still have serious issues with many (most?) of his policies and am scared to death by the Democrats (or any party, for that matter) having all three branches of government under its control.

And yet...McCain is a buffoon. I watched the debates and couldn't plug my nose long or hard enough to vote for him. Is this the best that Republicans can give? Mitt Romney had his issues, but at least he's a fantastic executive and a brilliant person.

Alas, we got McCain, instead. Sigh. I even came to believe that McCain would be worse for us abroad than Obama. Ultimately, that's what I voted for: a positive image of the US abroad. Obama represents, in many ways, all that is great about the US: opportunity for all (or, at least, more opportunity for more people than elsewhere).

I, too, am a believer. I think we got the kind of candidates that we deserve, as I don't believe God is in the habit of saving us from our stupid choices, as life is designed to improve us as we learn from bad choices. Obama will make plenty. So long as he tunes into higher inspiration, we'll be OK.

Ayanthi Anandagoda

Great post. Great comment. Blogged both.


Great history lesson on marginal taxes during wartime. Overall, a very thoughtful post.

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