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Python blows so much Google use it for all there in-house apps. How dumb are they?

Seriously though, Google has no interest in the hosting business. App Engine is far more strategic than that on multiple levels.

Also by bringing it out in Python, they're quickly able to qualify and attract all the most talented and intelligent programmers on the net.


GOOG is trying to lock people into a proprietary stack that creates exactly the kind of integrated stack and lock-in that previous "platform" vendors have had...it's just that theirs is web-based.

GOOG's stack is much more integrated than EC2, but not nearly as open.

Regarding margins, wouldn't you have to know GOOG's utilization rates to know how much the marginal mips actually cost it? My guess is that unless the hosting becomes huge, that the marginal cost to them is next to zero. On top of that, they have the lowest capex and opex in the data center business by far.

My bet is that the lock-in is worth alot and that MSFT is trying to do the same thing for a reason.

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