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Nikesh Parekh

Discover oil or gold in your backyard? Or at least have the permits that say you can drill in a McCain administration?


I will package up and trade you my unsellable condo on Lake Travis for yours in NC-- basically if we move the paper around allot we can get away with it for years before it crashes, and then we can have the government bail us out. We can ask for MM$ packages on our exit as well.



- dump a load of shells and sand in the front lawn reminding buyers that after a few more years of global warming... beachfront!

- fill garden fountain with oil and offer to transfer drilling rights


Hey Todd. Wow, what a nice house. I know Extron is building a large facility. Maybe they have a realtor who is lining up people for a move to Raleigh?


I'm thinking you need to bond with your prospective buyers. Go the extra mile by faking seizures or perhaps a coronary. This is popularized in the book "Choke". If you have a well trained pets, they can participate in the process also. After the crises has passed, simply remind your guests the only decent thing to do is go ahead and purchase the home, maybe above the asking price. Done and done.

Account Deleted

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